KRAMER 1,8m RCA Stereo Audio Cable



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Producent KRAMER
Nummer KR-C-2RAM/2RAM-6
Vægt 0 kg
Producent varenummer C-2RAM/2RAM-6
Længde 0-2 meter
Type Passivt
Producent navn Kramer

KRAMER 1,8m RCA Stereo Audio Cable



Quality Construction — Constructed using 2 coaxial conductors for L/R audio

signals terminated with male RCA connectors on both ends.

Precision Connectors — Gold–plated RCA connectors are featured

for the best possible signal transmission without corrosion.

Easy to Use — Connectors are molded and color–coded red

and white to match audio connectors found on most consumer style equipment.

Varied Selection of Lengths — Available in versions of 1 to 50ft (0.3 to 15.2m).­