Totoku 3mpx color LED x2, inkl Barco MXRT-5600

High-bright 3MP color display for diagnostic imaging CCL358i2 is an optimal solution where doctors need to view both grayscale and color images, and effectively covers multiple applications like 50

Varenr.   CCL358I2_PAIR

Pair of CCL358i2 matched monitors
Including Barco MXRT-5500 board w/3 outputs
21,3", 3mpx diagnostic color monitor
Resolution 2560x2048
LED backligth, IPS panel
Luminance 800cd/m2, Calibrated to 410cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1400:1
10BIT display, 16BIT Look Up Table
Display Port, DVI-D input
Luminance uniformity Correction
Hardware Pivot function
Frontsensor, Ambient ligth sensor
Luminance stabilisator
Built in Power supply
5 year warranty
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