Totoku 2mpx color LED x2, inkl Barco MXRT-5600

High-bright 2MP color display for multi-modality medical imaging High bright color display CCL258i2 is an ideal system for diagnostic viewing in multi-modality environment.

Varenr.   CCL258I2_PAIR

Pair of CCL258i2 monitors matched
Includes Barco MXRT-5600, graphic board w/4 output
21,3", 2mpx diagnostic color monitor
Resolution 1600x1200
LED backligth, IPS panel
Luminance 900cd/m2, Calibrated to 410cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1400:1
10BIT display, 16BIT Look Up Table
Display Port, DVI-D input
Luminance uniformity Correction
Hardware Pivot function
Frontsensor, Ambient ligth sensor
Luminance stabilisator
Built in Power supply
5 year warranty
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